About Messner Flooring

Since 1962

3 Generations of Flooring Experts

As a third generation family-run business, Messner Flooring is dedicated to giving you the best flooring experience. Customer loyalty is our greatest point of pride, and we earn it through exceptional customer experience, our extraordinary team of flooring experts, and a commitment to the community and relationships we've built over our long history in Rochester.


Many members of our team have been here for over a decade or more. What sets Messner Flooring apart is that every one of us is truly dedicated to ensuring that you have the best experience – every step of the way!


Respect is the Foundation of our Business

“Part of the tradition that my father instilled in all of us was to treat everyone with respect. That has served as the foundation of our business for all of these years, and I think it’s why we’ve been successful.”

- Greg Messner

Flooring experts in Rochester, NY

Meet Our Team


Peter Messner, President

Peter Messner is President of Messner Flooring and started at the company in 1977 as his dad Ben Messner’s first employee. The early days at the B.J. Messner Co. allowed Peter to develop many skills such as forklift operation, rug deliveries, commercial estimating, and project management. In the mid 80’s Peter took over the operations and back-office functions. In 1987, he purchased the company after his father’s untimely death, and today he manages the commercial company and operations at both the retail stores. The skills that Peter developed in his early years are still called upon on a daily basis.


Greg Messner, Vice President

Greg is Vice President of Messner Flooring. His father, Ben Messner, founded Messner Flooring in 1962, and in 1985, Greg joined his dad and brother Peter in helping to run the family business. Today, Greg is the face of the Pittsford Messner Flooring store, and Vice President of the business that has grown into 3 locations in Rochester, NY. Greg enjoys being in the Pittsford showroom helping customers find the perfect flooring. He truly loves the connections he makes with people, helping generations of clients and families over the last 25 years!


Christo Chryss, General Manager of Retail Flooring

Christo manages our retail flooring locations in both Pittsford and Greece. He is one of our most recent employees, having joined the team in the Fall of 2018. With a background in home improvement and flooring, he brings a great deal of experience to the team. Christo lives with his wife and son in Rochester, NY, and in his free time enjoys camping and spending quality time with his family.


Lisa Mau, Business Manager

Lisa joined the Messner Flooring team in 2004, and handles everything from health plans to payroll. Lisa manages the office, pays bills, manages payroll, and handles additional HR responsibilities. Lisa helps the Messner Flooring team with health and life insurance, the IRA plan, and more. Lisa is proud to work for Messner Flooring. She says, “I’m glad we’re an ethical company, and that we put out a good product and do good work. I’m proud of our great reputation. And I enjoy helping our employees.”


Theresa Malboeuf, Residential Service Coordinator

Theresa joined the Messner Flooring team in 2008 as the Residential Service Coordinator. She works with every single retail customer, yet rarely gets to meet them in person! Theresa handles everything from the scheduling of installations, cancellations, delivery and timing requests, and more. She also handles orders, bills, and reconciliation, and though she also handles every aspect of retail service, she enjoys staying busy and working with the installers, manufacturers, delivery people and of course the customers. To Theresa, seeing a project come together is the most rewarding part.


Rick Morgan, Warehouse Manager

Rick is the reason your flooring is pre-inspected, and perfectly cut. Joining the Messner Flooring team in 2009, Rick manages all the inventory for both the commercial and retail sides of the business. When a customer orders flooring, it comes to Rick’s warehouse first and is checked out to make sure it’s correct and in perfect shape. His team also cuts all carpets to specific lengths for our installers right from the warehouse, making the installation of carpet more efficient for us and our customers. Rick enjoys being “quality control” and a bit of a traffic cop in the warehouse to make sure that quality and accuracy are on point.


Pat Dimonda, Commercial Project Manager

As Project Manager, Pat ensures quality, transparency, and safety. Pat joined Messner Flooring in 2013, but started in the industry in 1985, including working with Messner Flooring as an installer in the 90’s. Today, Pat is responsible for making sure Messner Flooring is completely prepared for each job. That means checking and managing conditions on-site, equipment, supplies, deliveries, working conditions and more. He ensures every detail is accounted for and considered before a job begins. Pat says, “Messner Flooring stands out above the rest with their integrity and manner of working with customers. Everyone takes pride in giving the customer what they expect and deserve. People here will take the extra time so that there are no surprises and no unanswered questions. They do whatever it takes, and stay honest and professional."


Jack Messner, Commercial Sales Representative

Family and community make the job great, for Jack Messner, who joined the Messner Flooring team in 2008 as an apprentice to a commercial salesman. Jack grew up in this business and remembers crawling on the mountains of carpet pads as a little kid. Now he works in commercial sales doing project management and commercial estimating. Jack enjoys his work because it’s an ever-evolving industry, with materials, installation, and more always improving.


Ted Messner, Commercial Sales Representative

Ted Messner has worked for Messner Flooring on and off since 2003 and became a full-time employee in 2013. Ted generally works with Messner Flooring’s long-term customers, including schools, commercial parks, and nursing homes. One client, an area nursing home, was Ted’s grandfather’s first client 50 years ago, which started our company! Many of our accounts are non-profits, and we are proud to support their missions. Ted enjoys working with long-term clients as it enables him to develop relationships over time. This brings greater understanding overall, and enables us to meet their needs as well as get to know them on a personal level.


John Barker, Sales, Service & Assessment

Jon started at the company in 1986 as an installer, and joined Messner Flooring full-time in 2008. In addition, his dad worked for Greg and Peter’s dad Ben Messner for 25 years! Messner doesn’t just “measure,” we assess. There’s a lot more to preparing to install a floor correctly than wielding a measuring tape. Jon earned his Master’s from CFI and uses that knowledge and expertise to make absolutely certain that everything has been anticipated for a new install. In addition, a big part of Jon’s job is going into homes and restretching carpet, fixing holes, and repairing seams on installations that other companies won’t stand by. Jon loves his job because every project is unique, every house has its own requirements and every day is different.


Doug Miller, Inside Sales Support / Operations

Doug joined the Messner Family team in 2014, and, and provides office support, purchasing, and assisting with estimating and scheduling large commercial projects.


Al Donsky, Retail Flooring Estimator

Al can bring the showroom to you! He joined the company in 2015 but has been in business for 30 years. His role is the “shop-at-home guy,” and in-home flooring assessment. But he does much more than measure—he help customers make the right choice for their lifestyles, the conditions in a particular space, and their tastes. Al can help choose a product, complete the assessment, answer a customer’s questions on the spot, and leave them with a completed estimate. It’s all very streamlined.

Billy Reynolds, Estimator

Bill makes sure you get the right materials, right on time. He joined the Messner Flooring team in 2011, and his role is to help prepare jobs to go out the next day, and run deliveries. He works closely with our installation coordinators for both retail and commercial sides of the business. Bill enjoys interacting with the customers and installers in a fun atmosphere.


Jessica Salada, Sales Consultant & Interior Designer

Jessica is a talented, certified designer and sales consultant, who helps customers find the perfect flooring for their home and needs. With a background and expertise in interior design, and her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Industrial Design, Jessica is passionate about creating spaces in the home for everyone to enjoy. Her favorite part of her job is working with a customer in their homes or in our showroom, where she prides herself on helping customers find just what they’re looking for, and sometimes something beautiful that they hadn’t expected to find!


Andrew Chastek, Sales Consultant

Andrew has over 5 years of experience as a flooring specialist. He is especially interested in the technical specification of flooring, and helps customers find the best product for their homes, at the best value!


Shawn Davis, Sales, Service & Assessment

Shawn has been in the flooring business for over 25 years, working in sales, service, estimating and installation. As an expert in the industry, Shawn leverages his experience to find solutions to his customers’ most complex projects.

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“Messner Flooring stands out above the rest with their integrity and manner of working with customers. Everyone takes pride in giving the customer what they expect and deserve. People here will take the extra time so that there are no surprises and no unanswered questions. They do whatever it takes, and stay honest and professional."

Pat Dimonda

Commercial Project Manager, Messner Flooring